U Street Music Scene

The U Street Music Scene is as diverse as the city of Washington, DC itself.  As you walk through the streets that make the U Street Corridor on a Friday night you can hear all types of music spanning many genres.  U Street has a history having an acclaimed music scene as it was a mecca for Jazz Clubs decades ago.  The great Duke Ellington grew up in the U Street neighborhood and gained his popularity here as an established musician.

9:30 Club

The 9:30 club is a major venue of significance in Washington, DC.  It has been known for shows with fresh sounds of the Washington, DC area.  Famous bands such as Washington, DC’s own bands led by Ian MacKaye Fugazi & Minor Threat have played here and given the indie scene a place to rock out with other like minded concert goers.

The Black Cat

The Black Cat is an excellent club to check out if you are into the artsy, independent rock scene and are looking for some excitement.  Black cat regularly has great local bands as well as DJ nights that remix and play some of the best 80′s music.

The Velvet Lounge

The Velvet Lounge is a cool intimate bar with an artistic atmosphere. The Upstairs Venue has lots of great acts both from the local music scene as well as touring bands.

U Street Music Hall

U Street Music Hall is a blast, always pumping great dance music and a casual atmosphere to have fun.